A1 Consult provides professional and independent consultancy services within:

  • Ports, marine, and coastal engineering
  • Geotechnics and ground engineering
  • Infrastructure, utilities, and civil engineering


A1 Consult undertakes both major and minor projects and assists clients throughout all phases of a project from the earliest planning and feasibility studies to master plan studies, design, and tendering. Further, our services include assistance during construction, operation, and maintenance.

Our services are based on more than 25 years of experience; our competent and dedicated staff has comprehensive experience from national as well as international projects. This experience includes project management and supervision on complex projects as well as technical analyses of complete or selected parts of projects within ports, marines, ground engineering, and civil structures.

A1 Consult has a wide network of highly qualified, experienced, and flexible specialists working in the sector. A1 can provide qualified supervisors and project assistance within a short notice travelling around the world.


A1’s vision is to become known as a competent consultant engineer who is present, and who thinks and delivers. Please contact A1 Consult with any inquiries; we will work closely with you to ensure that your project will be realized.